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Stomach Wax

At Catelyn's Place, we know a smooth stomach is worth waxing for. Our expert estheticians have perfected the art of stomach waxing, removing unwanted hair from your midsection quickly, efficiently and with minimal discomfort. Whether you want a hairless tummy for the beach, a special occasion or just for yourself, our waxing service helps you achieve the sleek, hair-free look you desire. Using only the finest hard and strip waxes, our technique is designed to lift hairs out by the root in one clean pull, leaving your skin silky smooth for weeks. You'll be in and out within minutes, with any redness calmed by our soothing aloe gel. So if you're ready to bid unwanted stomach fuzz goodbye, trust the trained professionals at Catelyn's Place to give you the hairless midsection you've been longing for.
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