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Lower Cheeks

Tired of razor burn, ingrown hairs and unsightly stubble? Say goodbye to all that and hello to smooth, hair-free lower cheeks with waxing from Catelyn's Place. Our expert estheticians use a custom blend of warm wax and gentle techniques to remove hair from the bikini line and surrounding areas, leaving you with a sleek and polished look that lasts for weeks. The wax adheres to hair, not skin, so you experience minimal discomfort during the process. When your treatment is complete, moisturizer is applied to soothe and rehydrate your newly hairless skin, leaving it soft and supple. So if your current hair removal routine is wearing thin and you're ready for an easy, long-lasting solution, book a lower cheeks waxing service from our team of experienced professionals. We'll help transform your self-care routine so you can step out in confidence, hair-free and happy.
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