Friendly Note to Both Loyal and New Clients:

We often schedule back-to-back appointments, which means it is important that we maintain our books for the sake of both your time and ours.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

A 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule
otherwise, a $10 fee is applied to your next appointment.
There is a $25 cancellation fee for any appointment over 60 mins.
There is a $30 no-show fee during the week and $50 no-show fee on Saturday's.
While we use discretionary precautions before charging our clients, it is a typical fee and is applied to your name automatically.
In order to keep our prices competitive, these fees are to cover lost time and labor.

We hope that you understand this policy and we thank you for choosing us to pamper your heart, mind, and body. 

Signature Service

Brow $19 

Cheeks $16 

Full Face $44 

Nose $10

Half Arm $22 

Bikini $35 

Brazilian $70 

Brazilian Maintenance $50 

3pk Brazilian $105  

Manzilian $105 

Manzilian Maintenance $75 

3pk Manzilian $171 

                 Full-Body Wax:

                     Men $275 
                  Women $250 

Bikini Micro Treatment
This is an important treatment that helps remove stubborn ingrown and repairs skin back to its original state and assists to slough off dead, dry skin to make your bikini/
brazilian/manzilian wax experience the best possible. 
It is recommended to schedule this between your regular waxing sessions.

*All prices are a starting rate and may change due to thickness and length of hair.

Lip or Chin $15 

Lower Cheeks $30 

Ears $8

Underarm $15

Full Arm $32 

French $40

Back or Chest $40

Full Leg $65 

Half Leg $30/Upper Half Leg $35

Stomach $20 

​Lower Back $20 

Happy Trail $7 

Toes $7 

Full Beard $50 NEW 

​Lower Beard $25